Giappone, Tokyo

La Moda Italiana @ PROJECT Tokyo

Italian fashion loses none of its allure and appeal in Japan.

The Japanese market, known for its solid and trustworthy base of sector professionals, stands out for its focus on quality, creativity, and materials, while also representing a valid opportunity for the development of business by Italian fashion trade companies.

Organized by Informa, PROJECT Tokyo is held at the Tokyo International Forum, proposing over 200 brands of clothing and accessories for men and women, while positioning itself on the Japanese panorama as a platform dedicated to the tradition and quality of collections, and the most experimental trends.

EMI – Ente Moda Italia will be present at the next edition of PROJECT Tokyo, acting as a bridge between innovation, design, and the market, with the ability to attract members of the trade, who are constantly on the lookout for new proposals, from both leading department stores and numerous multibrand boutiques


Tokyo, Tokyo International Forum