Seoul, South Korea

Italian Fashion Days in Korea

Clothing, shoes and accessory collections for Women and Men

The country’s economic performance in recent years and the consumers’ growing interest in the Italian lifestyle make South Corea one of the most promising markets for Italian fashions.
The retail system, strongly inspired by Western models, conosists mainly of department stores and multibrand boutiques which, after focusing  exclusively on well-known brands, are now interested in diversifying by offering products that have all the features of Italian fashion in order to satisfy a clientele that is increasingly quality-conscious and aware of new trends.
Further, since the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and South Korea has gone into effect, customs duties on a huge variety of goods are being eliminated giving a new boost to trade between the two markets.

E.M.I. Ente Moda Italia, together with Assocalzaturifici, Assopellettieri, AIP and SMI-Sistema Moda Italia, is continuing with its mission of presenting the excellence of small- and medium-sized Italian fashion firms. Indeed, many Italian manufacturers are reaping important results on the Far East markets thanks to E.M.I.’s ongoing promotional programs.

Seoul, COEX