New York, USA

Italian Fashion @ NY Women’s

Coterie, Edit

Collezioni abbigliamento e accessori Donna

The American market is always an interesting destination for Italian fashions.

Recent developments on the New York trade fair scene have led to the creation of NY Women’s, the integrated fair dedicated to women’s fashions, and now, as of September 2017, EMI – Ente Moda Italia is coordinating Italian participation in the Coterie and Edit fairs that are all organized by UBM.

Coterie (including the EveningFootwear, and Tomorrow sections), the key fair for quality women’s fashions hosts approximately 1,400 collections and draws more than 15,000 buyers – mainly small-medium sized high-end independent retailers.

Edit, which as of September is a Coterie section, is dedicated to high-end trendy brands. The layout is an open space in which the collections maintain visibility in a “luxury showroom” atmosphere.

At NY Women’s, Italy will be showing under Italian Fashion within the context of Coterie and Edit. All the Italian exhibitors will be coordinated by Ente Moda Italia to offer each brand the opportunity to promote Italian fashions in North American’s most effective trade fair.

The program is made possible thanks to the cooperation and support of the ICE office in New York that promotes the participating Italian firms.


New York, Javits Center